INA Autogas

Liquefied petroleum gas for automobiles is a mixture of butane and propane designed for use in vehicles with installed gas devices. The liquefied petroleum gas intended for vehicles meets the quality standards outlined in EN 589. Autogas is categorized as the least polluting energy source due to the absence of smoke, soot, and foul aromas during combustion. Autogas offers several other benefits besides environmental and human health protection. These include a high octane number, effortless evaporation, the ability to easily produce homogeneous mixtures, and economic efficiency (lower fuel costs and extended service lives of engines and catalysts, etc.).

Bottled gas (small containers)

As an energy source, LPG possesses remarkable environmental characteristics. Its implementation decreases the release of detrimental gases, predominantly CO2 and NOx, thereby ameliorating climate change and promoting a more favorable environmental impact. As a result, the replacement of “non-ecological energy sources” with LPG is becoming an increasing necessity, particularly among industrial consumers.
Forklift fuel (TF designation) and use in residential, commercial, camping, and outdoor settings are all applications for bottled gas.
Our inventory includes gas cylinders weighing 35 kg, 10 kg, and 7.5 kg.

Safety measures for LPG bottles usage in households:

  • LPG bottle should always be maintained in an upright position with the valve closed at all times;
  • the room where the bottle is located must be ventilated periodically;
  • the bottle must not be placed in rooms lower than the surface in order to prevent; deposition and formation of an explosive mixture;
  • do not expose the gas bottle to heat sources;
  • every time the gas cylinder is replaced, replace the existing seal on the connecting nut, check the correctness of the rubber tube;
  • it is recommended to replace the regulator and rubber tube once a year;
  • when changing the bottle, it is strictly forbidden to smoke and approach open flames;
  • keep out of reach of children;
  • follow the instructions written on the gas bottle.

How to act during emergencies

What should you do if you smelled or noticed a gas leak in the room?

  • Close the valve on the gas cylinder and ventilate the room by opening windows and doors.
  • Avoid igniting potential sources of sparks (lighter, matches) and ensure to turn off appliances like the refrigerator.
  • Identify the leak by applying soapy water.
  • Resolve the issue or seek assistance from a professional technician.

If facing an uncontrolled fire involving the installation or gas cylinder:

What to do in case of uncontrolled fire?

  • Close the valve on the cylinder and disconnect it.
  • Remove the cylinder from the room.
  • Extinguish the fire using a fire extinguisher. If the cylinder valve is closed, water can also be used to put out the flames.

Gas in large containers

LPG is supplied by INA-CRNA GORA in configurations specified by the client, including a blend of propane and butane as well as pure propane. The offer consists of a standard blend of butane and propane comprising no more than 40%, as well as commercial propane with a purity level exceeding 95%.

Orders are accepted for the aforementioned products for industrial and residential use. INA-CRNA GORA provides delivery services free of charge for conveyance across the entire territory of Montenegro. It is important to highlight that INA-CRNA GORA exclusively invoices in euros per kilogram for the delivery of LPG in tanks, with the price being expressed in that unit of measurement. When computing the overall expense associated with acquiring LPG, it is critical to consider the conversion factor of 0.560 kilograms per liter of LPG.

LPG tanks are a practicable and high-quality solution for industrial facilities and households that require an energy source with the highest energy value and the lowest cost. Because LPG from the tank does not necessitate the preparation of preceding phases in the combustion process, it is practical and simple to use. The product exhibits a notable energy efficiency of up to 95% and demonstrates a more advantageous environmental impact in comparison to alternative energy sources. INA-CRNA GORA provides horizontal LPG containers in both above-ground and underground configurations.
The above-ground tank is distinguished by its straightforward installation and connection to the object, whereas the underground tank possesses an aesthetic benefit in the form of uninterrupted evaporation, unaffected by the low external temperature that would otherwise disrupt the evaporation process.