Sustainable development

Integrity and transparency


  • Act with integrity
  • Act customer-centrically
  • Develop capability
  • Work collaboratively
  • Drive results

Success Principles offer guidelines for all leaders and employees on how to act to achieve our goals in a sustainable way, and to support the desired culture. Success Principles translate company values into behaviors providing a compass to “how to do things” and allowing the company to realize our 2030 strategy. It shows employees that their performance is their responsibility, their success is the team’s success and their behavior is the key for future success.


INA Group Code of Ethics defines the basic values and principles of conduct of the INA Group management and employees in terms of their attitude towards work, associates, business partners and the public. The CoE also sets obligations of INA Group to secure appropriate work conditions and professional development to employees and ensure avoidance of unacceptable forms of behavior. The CoE covers a broad area of business relationships and processes and must be observed by all persons acting in the name and on the behalf of INA Group, including natural persons or legal entities who are in a contractual relationship with INA Group (business partners, consultants, suppliers, sellers, etc.). Contracts with our business partners envisage an obligation for our business partners to adhere to the CoE.