Where can INA card be used

You can safely use INA card for fuel and other products and services purchase:

  • At all INA and MOL service stations
  • In the region – Croatia, Slovenia, BiH, Serbia, Romania, Hungary, Slovakia, Check Republic
  • For toll payment on highways
  • For connections with ENC devices in order to have advantage of priority passes on highways

The list of locations

Safety, quality and tradition – our best recommendation!

We follow trends and pay attention to our customer needs, why we can offer you different types of INA card that suits your business needs the best.

You can define your future consumption with choosing INA card for purchase of:

  • Motor fuels and tolls
  • Motor fuels, tolls, car lubricants and liquids
  • Motor fuels, tolls, car lubricants and liquids and car wash
  • All products and services