INA’s retail sites are a recognizable place of shopping and an unmissable destination for the best travel vacation.

At our locations, in addition to high-quality fuel, you can also find a rich gastronomic offer, get special offers, and stock up on a wide range of other products.

Read more about current news for drivers and don’t forget to pay special attention to driving safety, which we provide more about through useful tips.

All INA`s retail sites in Montenegro accept Master, Visa, American Express, Maestro and INA cards as payment methods.

INA Class Plus Expert fuels provide protection for your car’s engine!

Within wide range of products and services at INA retail stations, you can find high quality Class Plus Expert fuel. Thanks to enhanced additives formula, Class Plus Expert fuel eliminate deposits and protect engine components from corrosion, thus these fuels provide optimal engine performance and increase engine strength and lifetime, insuring you reach your destination safely.

You promptly discover benefits of Class Plus fuels! Try them now in your car and enjoy the driving experience!