Company profile

INA-CRNA GORA d.o.o. Podgorica is a Limited Liability Company wholly owned by INA, d.o.o., Zagreb. It was founded in 2000 and has been functioning successfully in the Montenegrin market for over 20 years.

INA-CRNA GORA is importer and wholesale representative in Montenegrin market, engaged in the distribution of oil and oil products from INA refinery in Croatia. 

The company operates a contemporary network of 12 service stations around Montenegro, providing high quality fuel, a wide range of groceries and a unique gastro offer at the Fresh Corner.

The company employs approximately 150 employees. INA-CRNA GORA aims to employ driven and proactive individuals who are prepared to uphold the company’s mission and vision.

INA-CRNA GORA is a company dedicated to sustainable development, operating in compliance with high quality standards and demonstrating responsibility towards environment, employees, business partners and community in which it operates.