Online service

Online service

Users of INA cards have access to a complimentary online service that facilitates more efficient, streamlined, and straightforward expense management.

Users of INA cards are able to register at

We emphasize several benefits of this practical service:

  • Real-time management of card limits
  • Downloadable invoices in PDF, XLS, and ASCII formats
  • An overview of invoiced and uninvoiced traffic
  • Information regarding the status of the limit and the initiation of a request to modify the limit

With the INA card to the finish line!

Become one of the satisfied INA cardholders and help others save money and time. Leverage the advantages provided by the INA card through the execution of contracts:

  • INA cards that offer payment deferral;
  • INA card for payments in advance.

Upon the completion of the contractual agreement, you will be issued a consolidated and distinct monthly invoice encompassing all transactions executed using the INA card.

Schedule a consultation with one of our sales representatives to learn everything there is to know about the INA card’s benefits.