Sustainable development

Sponsorship and donation policy

When choosing projects to be sponsored or donated to, INA-CRNA GORA is primarily guided by the criteria of  high level usefulness that project has for the wider community and society’s needs. Through sponsorship and donation activities INA-CRNA GORA is trying to provide assistance and support scientific, innovative and cultural projects, projects that contribute to the protection and promotion of health and the environment, and projects relevant to local communities in which INA-CRNA GORA operates.

Sponsorships must be in accordance with the company’s business strategy and based on business principles. Through sponsorship contracts, company strives to achieve exclusivity, general sponsorship or sponsorship which includes the company’s name in the name of the event, organization or association. Priority will be given to projects from the international and national expert’s associations that are engaged in compatible activities: oil, gas, fuels, lubricants, energy and similar.

With the aim to help the ones who need help the most, donation program is aimed to the welfare of children, youth and people with special needs. The main criteria for donations are uniqueness, quality and usefulness of the project for the wider community.

INA-CRNA GORA will not sponsor and/or donate:

  • Political parties and government organisations
  • Organisations that support race, gender, religious, minority or any other discrimination
  • Events that can be found offensive for public moral and good taste
  • Organisations that have any type of dept to INA-CRNA GORA