Class Plus Expert fuels


The company’s primary objective is to supply customers with premium fuels. For this reason, we have expanded our fuel selection at our retail stations, where a novel fuel generation featuring enhanced additive formulations is now available. The efficacy of the new Class Plus Expert fuels in enhancing engine power and durability while eliminating deposits and corrosion from internal combustion engines has been well-established.

What does that mean to you?

  • Maintaining a clean engine enhances its power and longevity.
  • A cleaner fuel injection system guarantees that the ideal quantity of gasoline enters the engine, thereby ensuring consistent operation.


Motor fuels distributed by INA-CRNA GORA for the Montenegrin market originate from INA’s refineries located in Croatia. Petrol and diesel fuels of superior quality, manufactured in compliance with the European standards mandated by the EU Fuel Quality Directive. The newly developed Class Plus Expert fuels enhance the driving characteristics of your vehicle while also protecting the environment. The benefits of Class Plus Expert fuel become immediately apparent: increased mileage per tank, enhanced engine performance and noise reduction, deposit elimination, and corrosion protection for engine components.

Prior to launch, every INA fuel is subjected to a quality control procedure in accordance with European standards. In addition to the program-mandated tests for monitoring the purity of liquid petroleum fuels, internal fuel quality controls are routinely conducted at the INA Central Test Laboratory.

Further concern is not warranted; throughout the entire supply chain, including the refinery, logistics warehouses, transport, and retail outlets, internal fuel quality controls are consistently implemented. This ensures that deviations from specifications are minimized and that our customers always have access to high-quality fuel at INA retail outlets. Class Plus Expert fuels are developed in response to the automotive industry’s and European directives’ ever-stricter technical standards. Their quality is monitored daily at every stage of production and distribution.

You just drive – leave the fuel quality to us.